Road Bike Disc Brakes: What’s stopping you from upgrading?

From helmet upgrades and wider tires to dropper posts and disc brakes, cycling technology and gear just keeps getting better and better. That’s why, as Utah’s favorite bike shop, we are committed to helping our community affordably get the latest and greatest that the sport has to offer.

In an effort to make this possible, we are offering a disc road bike trade-up program until the end of March 2019. During this promotion, if you trade in your old rim brake road bike to Mad Dog Cycles, we will give you 110% of its Bicycle Blue Book value to trade in for a new Trek road bike with disc brakes. 

Why should you care? Disc brakes on road bikes are one of the biggest game-changers for road bikers in recent history. What’s so great about them, you ask? Here are four of the main reasons you should upgrade to a bike with disc brakes:

Stopping Power:

The two biggest advantages of rim brakes over disc brakes are (1) they are lighter and (2) they are more aerodynamic. The primary reason, however, to want light weight and aero brakes is to go faster. The truth is, the braking confidence that disc brakes provide allows to you brake later into corners and go faster on descents. The improves stopping power provided by disc brakes allows you to ride faster and more confidently. 

Brake Modulation:

Trek’s guide to disc brakes on road bikes states, “Modulation refers to a brake’s ability to provide varying degrees of braking intensity. A brake that modulates well, such as a disc, allows the rider to apply precisely the amount of braking power they need.” 

Tire Clearance:

Did you know that wide tires aren’t only popular on mountain bikes? Wider tires on road bikes helps to increase traction and improve comfort. Road bikes with disc brakes allow you to run much wider tires on your bike. 

All-weather Performance:

So we’ve covered the confidence, precision and comfort that disc brakes provide on road bikes, but you still may be wondering how disc brakes perform is wet, rainy conditions. You’ll be happy to know that disc brakes outperform rim brakes by a wide margin in rainy and even dusty weather. In conditions where rim brakes may struggle, disc brakes maintain their high performance. 

So what’s stopping you?

 Get it? What’s STOPPING you. All jokes aside, disc brakes are simply a better brake option. Wether you ride mountains, gravel or roads (or all of the above?), disc brakes offer you a confidence inducing and an overall faster ride in all conditions. 

And the best news? There is no better time to upgrade to a road bike with disc brakes. So bring in your bike in March to get the best possible value for it and walk away with a BRAND NEW disc brake-equipped Trek road bike. 

If you have any more questions or just want to experience the advantages of disc brakes for yourself, give us a call or stop by the shop today! You can also start shopping for your new ride here

PRO TIP: Don’t forget about our helmet trade-in program running through the end of April! 

See you in the shop! 

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